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Focus On Painkillers Prompting Prescription Drug Charges

The rise of the opioid epidemic renewed the focus on prescription drug charges. A health care professional accused of running a pill mill or a person caught with even a small amount of illicit pain killers face serious charges. If you are charged with a prescription drug crime, the experienced criminal defense lawyers at THE WOLF LAW FIRM in Lake Orion work to protect your rights and fight the charges.

Painkiller Distribution Paranoia: Charges Against Health Care Professionals

Increased scrutiny against health care professionals who write large numbers of painkiller prescriptions may lead to wrongful charges. The pursuit of a quick conviction could result in an innocent person behind bars. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, charges may originate from the state or federal level. You need a strong legal defense given the complexity of prescription drug charges. We work to fight the charges to protect your license and professional reputation.

Steep Penalties For Painkiller Possession

Michigan authorities harshly punish those found with illegal opioid narcotics and other painkillers. We work to staunchly defend you, but our team also understands how an addiction can run over into all areas of your life, impacting your loved ones and your career. Our attorneys have experience fighting all manners of drug crimes, including possession and manufacture. We work to protect you and fight the charges so you can work towards recovery.

Aggressively Defending Your Rights

The prosecutors need to prove their case to get a conviction. Our lawyers work to formulate a strategic defense to increase your chances of a better outcome. We can help negotiate a dismissal, downgraded charge or an alternative sentencing method.

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