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Life Insurance Policy Unpaid Claims

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Most life insurance companies are for-profit businesses that answer to stockholders. As a result, some are committed to reducing losses through minimizing claims payouts on “technicalities,” when possible. One method for reducing claims is for an insurer to find incorrect or incomplete information on a life insurance application. For instance, an insurer may refuse to pay on a life insurance policy after it discovers that the deceased had a pre-existing condition he or she did not reveal-even though the cause of death may have been unrelated to the pre-existing condition itself. At THE WOLF LAW FIRM, our attorneys represent beneficiaries in unpaid claims disputes involve life insurance policies. When necessary, we consult medical experts and forensic pathologists when the cause of death is in dispute or when an insurance company claims an accident was really a suicide.

If you have been denied a claim on a family member’s life insurance policy, contact insurance claims lawyers at THE WOLF LAW FIRM today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Denial Of A Life Insurance Policy Benefit Claim

THE WOLF LAW FIRM represents clients in regard to the following kinds of denials in connection with life insurance policies:

  • Failure to disclose pre-existing condition
  • Failure to disclose status as a smoker
  • Failure to disclose nature of work
  • Failure to disclose recreational activities
  • Accidental death ruled a suicide
  • Death due to alcohol intoxication
  • Death due to alleged drug overdose

Breach Of Contract And A Denial Of Insurance Claims

A life insurance policy is a contract between a policyholder and an insurance company. Consequently, when facts come to light that an insurer believes violates the terms of a policy, they often claim they have the right to deny coverage. The issue, however, is determining whether or not an alleged violation actually constitutes a violation of contract terms.

In many cases, insurers focus on extraneous terms in order to claim a life insurance policy was voided by the actions of an insured. When these actions are immaterial to the cause of death, our attorneys argue a breach of contract has occurred. For example, an insurer may deny a death claim on an insured that died in a car accident but did not indicate on his original policy that he was a smoker. Here, the insurer might argue that the policy was voided by false information.

Unpaid Life Insurance Claims – Fighting For Our Clients

We understand how the insurance industry works and what constitutes a bad faith insurance practice. We’re also prepared to consult our own forensic pathologist to determine the cause of death when an insurance company doctor alleges the deceased committed suicide. Don’t let an insurer use obfuscation and delay tactics to avoid paying on a life insurance policy – contact insurance law attorneys at THE WOLF LAW FIRM today.

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