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Protecting Your Assets From Forfeiture

Asset seizure is a tactic used by law enforcement officials to punish individuals convicted of serious crimes and to provide additional proceeds for future operations. Over the years, asset forfeiture laws have become increasingly stringent. This means the government now has stronger tools at their disposal to confiscate or seize property suspected to have been used in or derived from criminal activity. In addition, even if you are not convicted of a crime or were never charged, you could still face civil asset forfeiture.

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Forfeiture As Punishment

Asset forfeiture proceedings are used to seize property that the government believes was used to commit a crime or derived from criminal activity. Asset forfeiture is commonly utilized in drug trafficking, organized crime, and terrorism cases.

  • Criminal asset forfeiture: Whether you are convicted of a white collar crime, such as fraud, money laundering or an organized drug crime, such as trafficking or distribution, asset forfeiture may be carried out as part of your sentence. However, the government may choose to proceed with a civil asset forfeiture proceeding to confiscate more property than would be allowed in criminal asset forfeiture.
  • Civil asset forfeiture: The government frequently utilizes civil asset forfeiture because it enables them to confiscate more property than criminal asset forfeiture. In addition, civil asset forfeiture is also commonly used when there is insufficient evidence to obtain a criminal conviction. In civil forfeiture proceedings, the government must establish probable cause that property in question is subject to forfeiture. The property owner then has the burden of proving that the seized property is not subject to forfeiture.

Avoid Asset Seizure

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