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Providing Financial Relief To Injured Workers

A serious injury can have lifelong consequences that impact not only you, but also your family, if you can no longer work. At THE WOLF LAW FIRM, our team of injury lawyers represent injured southeastern Michigan residents in workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability claims.

Helping You After A Workplace Injury

Employees injured at work may be eligible for workers’ compensation, which provides financial and medical benefits to workers who suffer on the job injuries and illnesses. Having a workers’ compensation lawyer early on the filing process increases your chances of success and prevents you from inadvertently damaging your case. Our experience provides us with knowledge on how to best document your case and present evidence in a favorable light. A work injury that seemed minor at the time of the accident can have lingering problems that may prevent you from working later. We can also help you if your employer denied you workers’ compensation benefits.

When Your Injury Prevents You From Working

In cases where a serious injury prevents you from working, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). To qualify for SSDI, your injury must prevent you, or be expected to prevent you, from performing work for at least 12 months. Prior to the injury, you must have worked in jobs covered by SSDI for a certain amount of time, approximately five of the last ten years.

Social Security claims examiners regularly deny claims. Our attorneys will help you put together a strong disability case based on detailed medical records and other forms of evidence. We can also assist you with an appeal if the examiners denied your claim.

Finding Solutions For Injury Victims

Whether you were injured at work or your injury prevents you from working indefinitely, our team can help. Please complete our online contact form or call our Lake Orion office at 866-820-9574 to speak with one of our lawyers.