Gas Explosion & Fire Injury And Death Claims

Michigan Explosion Injury Attorneys

When a gas explosion or fire leads to catastrophic burn injuries or the death of a loved one, the family is left to put the pieces back together.

Fires and propane or natural gas explosions can have a variety of causes. In order to determine if a fire or gas explosion was due to an accident, negligence, defective products or arson, you need the assistance of a qualified fire/explosion litigation attorney.

At THE WOLF LAW FIRM, we have been involved with many different fire and propane/natural gas explosion cases for individuals, businesses and insurance company clients in Michigan and throughout the United States. Our law firm prides itself on its ability to utilize a vast network of resources and experts to investigate suspicious fires and explosions. Contact our Michigan law firm at (248) 804-8578 to consult an experienced lawyer about your explosion injury.

A Comprehensive Investigation

Throughout the course of investigating fires and explosions, we take the time to investigate the accident site. We bring in experts to do the origin and cause investigation and to memorialize the scene. It is important to gather evidence and to examine minute detail that may have contributed to the fire or gas explosion. We strive to obtain maximum compensation for your fire or explosion injury and related property damage.

Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, and Lapeer County Wrongful Death Lawyers

We handle personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of various types of fires and explosions, including those related to:

  • Natural and propane gas leaks
  • Propane grill explosions
  • Furnace/boiler fires
  • Defective appliance fires
  • Motor vehicle fires or gas tank explosions
  • Warehouses, factory and foundry explosions
  • House fires
  • Other explosions and fires
  • Carbon monoxide

We take special care in investigating gas leaks and gas explosions so that you may achieve maximum recovery for personal injuries and property damage you have suffered from the accident.

Experience That Makes a Difference

Leading our firm is attorney Allen Wolf, who is experienced in fire and explosion cases. Mr. Wolf has handled many of these types of cases for our firm and is a member of several related organizations, including:

  • Michigan Fire Safe Foundation, Vice President
  • Michigan Arson Prevention Committee
  • International Association of Arson Investigators

Mr. Wolf also coordinated a federal/state arson task force as an Assistant United States Attorney who was also cross-designated as a Special Assistant Michigan Attorney General. Furthermore, Mr. Wolf was instrumental with the state police and Michigan Arson Prevention Committee in devising and implementing an Arson School for Michigan Prosecutors.

Mr. Wolf's experience in fire and explosion litigation is further complimented by his time spent working for a large Southfield insurance defense firm. While there he assisted insurance companies with identifying cases of insurance fraud and overstated claims related to fire losses.

Our law firm uses Mr. Wolf's extensive experience and continued involvement in arson and fire investigation organizations to prepare strong cases on behalf of accident victims and their families.

Contact Our Michigan Attorneys Today

If you have suffered a catastrophic loss, serious explosion injury or wrongful death of a loved one due to a gas leak, gas explosion or fire explosion, please contact an experienced explosion and fire investigation lawyer at (248) 804-8578.

Together, we can discuss the possibility of pursuing a property claim (premises liability), product liability claim, personal injury/wrongful death claim or other legal action. THE WOLF LAW FIRM serves clients in Lake Orion, Metro Detroit and throughout Michigan.