Internal and Fraud Investigations

Michigan Internal Investigation Attorney

If there is a suspicion of fraud or other wrongdoing, many corporations, municipal, and religious entities will conduct their own internal investigation to determine the details of the cases. In these situations, in-house counsel may not always be as effective or as objective as enlisting the assistance of outside legal advisors. At THE WOLF LAW FIRM, our legal team is staffed with attorneys and other professionals who have experience in handling all aspects of internal investigations.

Trusted by Professionals of All Levels

As a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Oakland County, and Assistant U.S. Attorney in Detroit, Allen M. Wolf gained extensive experience conducting internal investigations and fraud investigations. In addition, as a Special Assistant Michigan Attorney General, Mr. Wolf completed various assignments on the White Collar Fraud and Special Prosecution Units. He was also retained by the Oxford Police, Fire, and EMS Commission as Special Counsel to conduct an internal investigation of a police chief.

Due to the depth and breadth of his experience, Mr. Wolf is readily able to handle independent and internal investigations involving employment fraud, corporate or business fraud, and insurance fraud.

Our Independent Internal Investigation Services

If fraud, embezzlement, or corruption on the inside is suspected, our firm can conduct extensive investigations, including the following:

  • Document examination
  • Employee interviews
  • Background checks
  • Financial audits

Whenever necessary, we bring in experts such as forensic accountants to assist us in the more complex financial aspects of a case. Our firm is proud of the level of organization we maintain throughout the course of the entire business or corporate investigation.

After all investigations, interviews, and examinations are completed, our firm then creates documents supporting our investigative conclusions and turns them over to the corporate, governmental, or church entity. The entity can then take the documents and do with them what they wish, turning them over to the proper authorities or dealing with the matters internally.

Corporate or church employees or government officials accused of wrongdoing may be interviewed by members of our firm to determine if kickbacks, fraud, or other white collar issues may result in civil or criminal liability for the corporate entity. If this is the case, our lawyers confer with the management that sought our help in order to determine the types of documents and reports they wish for us to prepare.

Contact THE WOLF LAW FIRM today. We can discuss your embezzlement situation and how we can tailor our internal investigation to suit your goals. Our firm has the resources, experience, and capabilities to do a full, independent internal investigation for companies, school districts, churches, synagogues or mosques, municipal or governmental entities, or other clients. We are also available to serve as court appointed monitors in applicable federal and state proceedings.