Insurance Subrogation

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Insurance companies do not often consider themselves plaintiffs. An insurance carrier's subrogation rights can exist under common law, equity, contract, or statute. Regardless of the origin, an insurance company's right of subrogation and its ability to recover a loss is an essential right of the insurance industry. A successful subrogation program can often mean the difference between profit and loss.

Our lawyers at THE WOLF LAW FIRM understand the importance of recovering the money that insurance companies or uninsured or underinsured businesses lose when paying on a claim or suffering an uninsured loss. We represent companies that are seeking to gain compensation from the party responsible for the damage that caused the claim to be filed. Our firm offers comprehensive insurance subrogation services to companies located in Michigan and throughout the country, who are pursuing subrogation claims or uninsured losses.

With years of insurance defense and subrogation experience, attorney Allen Wolf guides our firm in providing quality insurance subrogation services. He is an exceptional lawyer that is able to help insurance companies recover their losses after a claim is paid. Utilizing our skills, we can help insurance companies and self-insured businesses conduct investigations to determine exactly who is at fault for the damage. We then seek recovery or reimbursement from the corporation, business, individual, property owner, or homeowner that is liable for the damages. Seeking our advice and guidance as outside counsel on these matters may be beneficial for the insurance company, such as gaining an alternative perspective and experience that in-house counsel may not be able to provide.

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