Driver's License Restoration

Michigan Driver's License Restoration Attorneys

A driver's license can make your life easier. It allows you to drive to and from work so that you can earn a living. It allows you to run many quick errands so that you can free up more time in the day. When your license is taken away, it becomes more difficult to keep up your day-to-day life.

If you have received more than one OWI/DUI or refused a breath or chemical test, you risk having your license suspended or revoked. At THE WOLF LAW FIRM in Oakland County, we will use our criminal defense experience to help you get your driver's license restored. Contact our Michigan DUI defense lawyers at (248) 804-8578 to learn more about the driver's license restoration process.

How Do I Get My Driver's License Reinstated?

If you have refused a Datamaster, Breathalyzer or other breath/blood test, or been convicted of a DUI/OWI for a second or subsequent time or drug-related offenses, you face harsh driving penalties. These penalties may include suspension or revocation of your driver's license.

If your license has been suspended or revoked, you need to seek help from an attorney immediately to appeal your license sanction. In most situations, you are able to make a request to the Secretary of State's Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) or the circuit court to reinstate your driver's license.

Our lawyers can assist you with the driver's license restoration process by reviewing your driving record to see if you are eligible to get your driver's privileges back. If eligible, we can assist you with the necessary paperwork and make sure that each form is filled out properly. Once the paperwork is submitted and approved, a hearing or administrative review before the DAAD will be scheduled or a petition will be filed with the county circuit court. We will thoroughly investigate the specifics of your case so that we are able to present the strongest argument in your driver's license review hearing.

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Our team is fully committed to protecting your legal rights. Contact an Oakland County lawyer at THE WOLF LAW FIRM today by calling (248) 804-8578. We will guide you through the driver's license restoration process and adequately prepare your case so that you can get your license back and live your normal life.

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