Civil & Criminal Appeals

Michigan Appeals in State and Federal Courts

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After a civil lawsuit or criminal case has concluded, the outcome is often subject to intense scrutiny to overturn or defend a jury verdict. In certain situations, new evidence or additional information surfaces, allowing the possibility of a reversal or a new trial. In other instances, the trial court made errors in finding facts, applying the law, or instructing the jury. These actions can be corrected through the appellate process.

At THE WOLF LAW FIRM, we assist clients in the Detroit area, and throughout Michigan and the United States with both civil and criminal appeals.

An Experienced Appellate Lawyer is Critical in Your Appeal

A proficient trial attorney does not necessarily equate to a proficient appellate attorney. State and federal appellate rules and procedures are much different than the rules and procedures governing trial practice. Hiring an experienced appeals attorney is therefore paramount to the success of your appeal.

At THE WOLF LAW FIRM, Allen M. Wolf and Of Counsel attorneys Robert C. Davis and Howard Y. Lederman provide our clients with highly skilled appellate advocacy. They have extensive experience handling both complex and high profile appeals.

  • Criminal appeals: We handle state and federal criminal appeals where defendants were wrongfully accused or wrongfully convicted of serious crimes, including murder, sex crimes, and white collar crimes.
  • Civil appeals: Our lawyers' significant experience enables them to provide strong representation in civil appeals involving complex business litigation, whistleblower or qui tam cases, insurance claims, personal injury claims, and other civil disputes.

Investigating Criminal Convictions and Civil Trial Decisions

Our firm prides itself on our thoroughness of investigation and attention to detail. An appellate attorney at our office begins by examining all aspects of the original case to determine if a civil or criminal appeal is possible. We then investigate all possible reasons for the verdict to be overturned, including legal malpractice, prosecutorial misconduct, improperly denied motions, or any exculpatory evidence that may have been overlooked.

Our lawyers are extensively educated and highly knowledgeable about the appeals process and the use of computer aided legal research. We will effectively communicate the grounds for your appeal through both the written appellate brief and the oral argument before the appellate court.

Determining if You Have Grounds for a Civil or Criminal Appeal

Not all cases are eligible for appeals. Decisions handed down through avenues of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as arbitration or mediated settlements are legally binding and usually cannot be appealed. Also, criminal plea agreements containing waivers on the right to appeal may preclude appellate challenge. Our firm can determine and explain why an appeal is or is not in your best interest(s). An appellate attorney at our firm can help you weigh the legal, financial, and personal benefits and drawbacks of seeking a civil or criminal appeal.

Expungements: Set Aside Your Criminal Conviction

In the State of Michigan, if you've been convicted on a misdemeanor or felony charge, it may be possible to have the conviction set aside and removed from your record. The law has changed and certain crimes (including traffic and capital offenses), are precluded from expungement. Therefore, if five years has elapsed since the end of your incarceration or probation, whichever is later, contact THE WOLF LAW FIRM to see if you qualify to petition the court to set aside the conviction(s). In exercising its discretion, the court will review your personal and work history and confirm that you haven't re-offended.

Contact our Appeals Attorneys at THE WOLF LAW FIRM

We handle appeals on behalf of new and existing clients, as well as for clients referred to us by experienced trial lawyers who do not handle appellate work.

Contact THE WOLF LAW FIRM today to discuss the possibility of an appeal in your civil or criminal case. A dedicated appellate attorney at our office can meet with you to learn more about your situation.